Rockwall Heath Fire hydrant insurance discounts Did you know that many times, having a fire hydrant close to your home could result in a discount on your homeowner's insurance?  It is usually based on the distance from your home, so before you call your insurance agent, take a measurement.  Many homeowners are not aware of that discount, so if you do have one close by, it may be worth the effort to find out.  We all know that every little bit in saving money helps

Are you in a rural area with no fire hydrant in sight?  Why not consider talking with your local fire department to see about having your own.  It probably won't be the standard fire hydrant you are accustomed to seeing, but rather a large pipe that the fire department could hook into.  Other things you would probably need to go with it would be a large water storage tank and fire hoses.  Most likely having that done would be your own expense, but in the event you have a fire, it would be worth the investment.

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